Three Killer Digital Photography Tips

When taking photography, it can be hard to capture that perfect shot. Experts will tell you to practice, practice and practice some more. But what they really should do is give some solid advice as to what you should be practicing. This article will give you three digital photography tips that you can practice and start seeing results fast.Tip Number One:The first tip is pretty easy. Keep it simple. That’s all.What I mean by this is that you should try to keep your photo as simple as you can. Now, when you master simplicity then you can make more complex shots, however, try to keep it simple right now. To keep it simple here are some guidelines-Get closer to the subject you’re photographing. This will make the subject more pronounced and stand out more. It will also make for less clutter as the subject will take up more of the frame-Get Down Low and Shoot up. This will make the shot simpler since you won’t have all that clutter behind the subject and only the sky.-Get Higher and shoot down. This will make it so the background is the ground and not the cluttered background that would usually be there-Use a shallow depth of field.Tip Number Two:The second tip is a little more detailed. Basically, keep everything that isn’t of importance and minimize or remove it. For example, if you photograph a subject that is green and there are bright red objects of unimportance around this subject. Those red objects are of no importance and are distracting the viewer from the true subject. Get rid of those red objects, unsaturated them in an editing program, do something so that the picture isn’t so complex and confusing.Tip Number Three:Have a solid concept you want and stick with it throughout. Have you ever written a paper and been criticized that it goes everywhere? The same can happen when taking pictures. You want your picture to be focused on primarily one theme. For example, the theme could be peace. You could have a picture of a couple at a beach enjoying a drink. Now, if there’s a homeless man in the background that’s going to be distracting from the main theme of peace.

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